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Ultimate Control Through Insurance Data

It’s the lifeblood of modern businesses – data. The insurance industry always has had volumes of data and with digital touchpoints this has only been increasing. However, the chronic opera


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Automotive technology trends for 2021

Automotive technology trends for 2021

The road ahead for automotive in 2021? It’s about software and experience. The automotive industry has traditionally been a forerunner in technology adoption and this continues. While expectations for most new years are simply extensions of pri


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Olive: Empowering Students, Educators and Learners for Future with AI

Olive: Empowering Students, Educators and Learners...

Olive: Empowering Students, Educators and Learners for Future with AI How we interact, socialize, and work is shifting rapidly. Similarly, how we learn is also undergoing rapid change. Notebooks are

Cyber Security

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Juniper Networks: Weaving Intelligence into the Ne...

As a technology giant with a history in the field of service providers, Juniper Networks has focused on enterprises as a key strategy for growth over the past few years. According to Juniper's man

Data-centric Zero Trust Network Access – why we ...

As the focus of security policies shift from static network perimeters to dynamic and highly distributed applications and data, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) vendors today need to look beyond enabl

Cyber Hygiene for The Inner You, nVIAsoft Corporat...

Existing authentication modes namely fingerprint verification, palm print verification, voice recognition, facial recognition, and retina scan were doing great until new-age methods started to exploit

Security Transformation in the Modern Digital Era

The Cloud has become an enabler for digital business transformation. Cloud Computing enables business process re-engineering efficiently and effectively to drive companies forward and maintain competi