AHCS Technology Platform Guarantees to Eliminate Accounts Receivable

AHCS Technology Platform Guarantees to Eliminate Accounts Receivable

Healthcare professionals use information technology to keep track of claims throughout their entire lifecycle. However, using the Automated HealthCare Solutions (AHCS) platform with the Workers Compensation patient eliminates all of the frustration that comes with tracking, billing, and collecting on a claim throughout its lifecycle, as it relates to point of care dispensing.  AHCS uses its proprietary technology allowing Ezbridges the ability to move information into an automated platform and, once the claim is accepted, payment is guaranteed -- eliminating accounts receivable and frustration to the practice/pharmacy. 

Dr. Gerald Glass co-founded Automated HealthCare Solutions, along with Dr. Paul Zimmerman, with a vision of enabling pharmacy and physician providers with everything under one roof. “In addition to ensuring that all worker's compensation and automotive injury patients get their required medications, the AHCS platform provides seamless automation of the revenue cycle management and adjudication process,” states Dr. Glass. AHCS understands the importance of caring for patients while facing the stress and complexity of running a practice. The Company has the most technologically advanced medication dispensing and revenue cycle management system for workers' compensation in the industry for point-of-care dispensing.

The recent COVID situation was a unique circumstance allowing for AHCS to showcase its response to the disruption to the world. AHCS launched new state-of-the-art software that allows better point-of-care dispensing and insurance verification.  This software auto-populates all the information needed, through its complex mining engine, allowing the providers better access to their patients, better outcomes, and creating a much safer environment for the providers and patients. All this was accomplished while creating a better work system for the corporate headquarters. “We allowed employees to work remotely and by utilizing the AHCS software, management was able to track productivity and provide real-time feedback to the employee and management regarding the production of the department and related results.”

On the patient side, there are still voids that permeate the healthcare and medicine arena. Nearly 30% of patients do not receive their medication if the prescriptions are not filled at point-of-care. AHCS’s solution is a wonder drug for all these challenges. Not only do the patients enjoy a higher standard of care, but also benefit from a faster recovery time. Dr. Glass breaks it down, “our software is specially designed to assist the medical provider give the patient the highest level of care, which ultimately increases the positive outcomes of their recovery. This also lowers the overall cost of treating the patients, gets the patient back to work sooner, and creates significant administrative efficiencies.”

Dr. Glass’s experience as a medical doctor has enabled him to understand the complexities faced by caregivers on a daily basis. Coupled with his vast medical and leadership experience, clear vision for the future of medication dispensing and claims adjudication, he successfully created one of the industry’s top software and revenue cycle dispensing platforms for workers' compensation and automotive injury patients. Dr. Glass credits his management team for much of AHCS’s success. “This journey has never been a solitary ride; I had a lot of co-pilots. They helped me everywhere I stopped or paused to explore deeper innovation areas across the healthcare service spectrum. My teams are highly experienced in their service domains and can scale their expertise according to the issues at hand. I consider myself a smart CEO, but even so, a company isn’t built by one person, it takes a great team to build a healthy organization,”

This band of innovators and seasoned professionals, comprised of Chris Reichart, COO, Patrick Jablonski, President of Sales, Edward Dibeler, CIO, Rochelle S. Matza, CAO, and Shelly Warder, CFO, have made disruption their daily habit. AHCS has developed ezDispense, a solution that allows physicians and pharmacies to fill scripts, dispense medications and compliantly report activities to the governing entities. ezDispense is compliant with all laws and regulations and enables the caregiver to operate in a compliant manner. “It’s so advanced, relative to the competition, that it guarantees payment to the provider on accepted claims payment without recourse to the practice.  This increases cash flow and eliminates their accounts receivable. The rules-based engines have a myriad of algorithms that are so advanced, the compensability of claims can be determined, and payment can be guaranteed,” explains Dr. Glass.

One of the largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) recently attributed Automated HealthCare Solutions as their ‘the most technologically advanced partner platform’.In other words, the Automated HealthCare Solutions’ rules engines and algorithms were used as a benchmark of accuracy for processing claims in real-time. “One can say that Automated HealthCare Solutions has prevailed over the competition because of its unique ability to provide the most advanced software solution and its guaranteed program,” concludes Dr. Glass.