Digital Signage: Engage, Interact, and Captivate Customers The Mandoe Way

Digital Signage: Engage, Interact, and Captivate Customers The Mandoe Way

Digital signage is widely used by businesses as a medium to attract and engage consumers. It is rare for someone to not have seen these brightly lit, attention-grabbing screens as one walks into a supermarket, or while awaiting transport at a bus terminal, subway station, or airport. It is also found at fast food outlets, clinics, and even in offices, among other places.

This technology is fast replacing static posters, and has proved to be far more effective in helping brands entice customers, engage them, and leave a lasting impression on their minds.

However, till recently, digital signage has been beyond the reach of small businesses because of high cost and implementation hassle.


This is where Mandoe comes into the picture.

The story begins more than a decade back. In 2010, when Mandoe Founder Steve Baxter was working in the hospitality industry, he was amazed at how digital signage could help increase the number of patrons for the business.

However, after a few years, when Steve started his own hospitality business, he was shocked at how expensive and difficult it was to implement digital signage, especially when you are a small business.

This paved the way for Mandoe, a digital signage software company that creates simple and affordable technology that could be used with a standard TV to create and manage digital signage.

Mandoe: An Affordable, Self-service Digital Signage Platform

Mandoe brings a suite of products, including Digital Signage, Digital Menu Boards and Content Management Systems to help facilitate marketing programs and enhance customers’ in-store digital experience.

Mandoe’s Digital Signage is a self-service platform that guides customers through a content-building wizard. It consists of prompted questions, such as business type, brand colors, etc., based on which Mandoe creates hundreds of templates for customers to choose from.

This platform allows customers to personalize the signage using images, texts, graphics, icons, and more. Post the completion of the signage, users can send it to their chosen screen with a single click.

“This drag and drop signage builder makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful, impactful signage. Our digital signage solutions allow marketers to quickly change and customize promotions and create networks of displays that can provide an above-the-line advertising asset for commercialization,” said Steve.

The Digital Menu Boards support smaller footprint stores through to large-scale networks with powerful content templates and creative flexibility. Its content library consists of millions of images and videos and is updated regularly.

"Building and launching this self-service Canva-esque platform means small businesses can design creatively and harness the signature Mandoe technology to ensure screens are always running with the most relevant and up-to-date information,” added Steve.

Mandoe’s offerings also include interactive touch tables and touch screen systems, mobile proximity marketing and analytics, and in-store radio and social media integration. With interactive solutions, brands can interact directly with customers, using Wi-Fi technology, and build user profiles.

"Most digital signage companies focus on the networking of screens and leave the content that is on those screens up to someone else - this isn’t helpful for small business owners, who usually don’t have video editors or graphic designers at their disposal. Our platform is easy for anyone to create and launch beautiful digital signs, without a graphic designer," added Steve.

 Mandoe caters to a wide range of industries, including hospitality, fitness, beauty, medical, etc., and supplies digital signage solutions to over 10,000 businesses, both big and small. The company’s clients include Myer, David Jones, Mimco, McDonald's, Priceline, Coca Cola, NRMA, City Chic, Telstra, OPSM, Caltex, Metcash, etc.

Mandoe Helps Prestige Meats Increase Sales by 15%

Prestige Meats is a local Queensland butchery stocking the finest local produce and premium dry-aged meats.

It opened a new store in Fairfield Gardens shopping complex in January 2021. As the store was located next to a major supermarket chain they wanted to capture the attention of the high volume of passing foot traffic showcasing their premium offerings.

Furthermore, its staff were also continually asked repetitive questions about their premium dried aged meats and wanted a solution for this to be avoided.

Mandoe's digital signage platform enabled Prestige Meats to:

1. strategically place a Mandoe Instant Digital Signage display facing the checkouts of the major supermarket chain so passing foot traffic could see promotions of current specials with custom Digital Signage templates created with Mandoe’s Content Management System (CMS)

2. display key messages about their premium dry-aged meats selections

3. position the screen directly above their dry-aged meat display to draw attention to their premium offerings

The digital signage helped the business to increase weekly sales by more than 15%, bring more foot traffic to the store, promote daily and weekly specials and save over 10 hours each week writing out handwritten signage that looked unprofessional.

“Mandoe’s digital signage software is so easy to use for someone like me, who has no IT background. I’m able to create my digital signs within minutes. I’m really impressed with how my store looks now and receive many compliments from customers. Having the Mandoe Digital Signage solution has helped increase weekly sales by more than 15% – it saves myself and my staff many hours of time each week and lets us focus our attention on providing a better service for our customers," said Will Burgoyne, Owner, Prestige Meats.

Future Outlook

Digital signage can help boost your business presence and increase sales margins. Studies show that digital signage can increase sales by up to 30%.

Mandoe is all set to expand into new markets to help more and more small business owners to harness the power of digital signage.

"As we expand into new markets across the globe, we see our solution being taken up by more and more businesses and helping them harness the power of affordable digital signage,” concluded Steve.


Headquarters: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia