Irdeto: We Make Your Connected World a Safer Place to Live in

Irdeto: We Make Your Connected World a Safer Place to Live in

As an increasing number of people continue to work from home, the tendency to expose proprietary corporate data to vulnerabilities perpetuates further. And, as the world is increasingly becoming connected, it is causing many applications and devices, ranging from video cameras, mobile phones and homes, to vehicles, and even medical devices, to become vulnerable to cyberattacks. Whether we realize it or not, cybersecurity plays a significant part in our day-to-day lives; from protecting the latest smart-fridge to securing the train we travel on to our place of work. Cybersecurity continues to keep us safe and shapes the world around us as we all become more connected. 

Here are a few statistics to ponder:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) reported a fivefold increase in cyberattacks in April 2020.
  • Coronavirus-related cyberattacks accounted for more than 2,600 new threats each day. (Source: Check Point)

Cyberattacks are not a new concern, and as they become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent, they pose a major threat to organizations and individuals, whether it be in the home or the office. Conventionally we tend to correlate cyberattacks with white-collar organizations, government institutions, or more technical operations, yet it is becoming progressively common to see attacks pursued against hospitals, airlines, and even universities. The need for cybersecurity is ever-growing and more important than ever; in order to protect ourselves and others from looming threats and cybercriminals.

Who should you partner with to secure your organization’s networks and applications, making them hack-proof and safer to unknown threats?

This is where Irdeto comes into the picture. With more than 50 years of expertise, over 6 billion protected devices, and 1.4 billion digital rights management licenses issued every month, Irdeto brings a rich heritage to the world of cybersecurity. Irdeto believes that their customers should feel confident and prepared, no matter what challenges they face. The company protects digital platforms and applications across multiple industries, by thinking holistically about cybersecurity challenges that lie ahead.

Doug Lowther, Chief Executive Officer, Irdeto, says: "We are rigorously field-tested as a technology company. Security is in our DNA, and this allows our customers to innovate and grow their business, while Irdeto provides the crucial security that underpins it all."

Irdeto aims to build a secure future, where people can embrace connectivity without the fear of piracy or cyberattacks. Irdeto’s tailored solutions empower its customers to continually adapt and grow with the changing times, to provide the best quality products and services for their customers.

Irdeto: About the Company

Founded in 1969, Irdeto is a global cybersecurity company and a part of the large South African MultiChoice Group (JSE: MCG).

Irdeto offers security solutions to several industries and continues to look for developing opportunities in new areas. With an increase of connected devices transforming virtually every industry, whether it be a hospital or a factory, Irdeto is ready to secure platforms, devices, and endpoints with their latest solutions.

“We protect digital platforms and applications for video entertainment, video games, connected transport, consumer electronics, and connected health, with the aim to eradicate a number of challenges across the various markets: including eliminating the ever-increasing risk posed to IoT devices,” adds Doug.

The Internet of things (IoT) typically triggers the need for cybersecurity, due to the explosion of interconnected, poorly managed devices. Devices are not properly maintained throughout their lifecycle and, therefore, become vulnerable to threats and attacks from opportunistic hackers. By providing different solutions that look at cybersecurity from every angle, Irdeto strengthens the resistance against malicious actors.

“We approach security holistically, with true end-to-end solutions. It’s not enough to excel in only one area of security. Our tailored solutions empower customers to continually adapt and grow with the changing times, and we build a strong relationship with each of them,” says Doug.

Key solutions and services that Irdeto offers:

Cloakware® Software Protection: A set of solutions and services that enable companies to build secure software – to protect its design or the data that it uses or processes for example. The Cloakware technology was born out of a rich history of innovation in software protection and built-in diversity and renewability features.

Trusted Software: A solution to effortlessly protect Android and iOS applications. This solution-as-a-service provides strong obfuscation with code and data entanglement and diversity, but on binary apps, directly and requires no application security knowledge. Trusted Software leverages machine learning to target critical blocks of code that require protection so that developers can remain in full control.

Trusted Telemetry: A solution providing real-time insights into attacks on an application or device. It uncovers new vulnerabilities, real-time, by identifying unique security events and creating secured forensic logs for offline analysis.

Cyber Services: An extensive range of cybersecurity and forensic services aimed at tracking and exposing highly complex, globally-connected cybercriminal networks, as well as analyzing threats and risks on systems or solutions deployed.

Keys and Credentials: This a vendor-neutral, managed security service operated by Irdeto as an independent Trust Authority, which removes the burden of ongoing cybersecurity operations and key management.

Trusted Home: A Wi-Fi, software-as-a-service (SaaS) cybersecurity solution that enables internet service providers (ISPs) to offer subscribers a secure, connected home experience by monitoring usage to detect and block threats in consumer homes, while also improving security and performance.

Keystone by Irdeto: This is a secure, policy-based digital key solution that leverages Bluetooth™ Low Energy technology to enable proximity-based access using a smartphone. It also supports shared mobility use cases, from physical to digital assets that require policy-based management.

Irdeto: Bringing Global Expertise Tailored to Local Markets

With 18 offices worldwide, Irdeto has employees present in many local markets to serve the direct needs of customers and partners. This enables the company to understand the pain points particular to those markets and build a close relationship with its customers, truly understanding their needs and providing complete support

"We stay close to our customers and the markets we operate in, to anticipate needs and demands as the environment evolves. This helps us understand the challenges and threats that lie ahead of us and build solutions to address future problems," comments Doug.

Irdeto’s work does not stop with its customers. With the aim to make the world a safer place to live in, where society can embrace connectivity without fear, Irdeto hunts down content pirates, brings fairness back to gamers, and even combats wildlife cruelty. The latter for example is done by leveraging Irdeto’s suite of cybersecurity services and technologies to investigate, identify and disrupt the sale of animal parts on the internet and help locate and arrest the criminals responsible for this illegal trading.

Irdeto: What Makes Them the Best in Securing Your Connected World

Irdeto has been the security partner of choice for more than 50 years and continues to secure some of the world’s best known and loved brands. The company has a strong Research & Development team that accounts for 70%-80% of its total employee count.

"At Irdeto, we focus on innovation and invest in our technology to strengthen our portfolio further. Irdeto holds several hundred key patents, and is the inventor of whitebox cryptography, a key technology that underpins software cybersecurity solutions," adds Doug.

“There are a number of different problems we address in the market, including mitigating the ever-increasing risk posed to IoT devices. We differentiate ourselves further by having a 360-degree view of security that is as deep as it is comprehensive, and we leverage that view to solve business challenges and predict the challenges on the horizon,” mentions Doug. 

Irdeto Helps MCJ Supply Chain Solutions Optimize Fleet Visibility and Control

MCJ Supply Chain Solutions has implemented Irdeto’s Keystone policy-management digital key solution. This provides MCJ with a higher degree of control over their material handling equipment, easily integrating with their existing technology and management solutions.

One of the key benefits of integrating Irdeto’s Keystone comes in the value of knowing that they have a digital key solution that also gives insights into the machine, controlling who accesses their heavy equipment vehicles, for how long, and for what purposes. This control enables MCJ to optimize their OPEX and cut down on ‘rest’ time for their equipment, while also predicting maintenance.

“Working together with Irdeto has been overall a great experience. Even in these uncertain times, every team we have worked with continues to pro-actively push towards the goals. The great commitment from the management level allows us to think outside of the box. Coming from two different industries, this partnership between MCJ and Irdeto provides us with the opportunity to learn from each other, and to create valuable solutions for our customers. I’m looking forward to continuing our collaboration and going the extra mile together,” says Niklas Strobel, Director, Rental Solutions, MCJ Supply Chain Solutions LLC.

"An extremely high level of security is a prerequisite for digital keys, sharing of keys and restricting usage based on individuals. With access over ownership approach, Irdeto enabled safer and more efficient working practices," adds Doug.