Redefining the CX in education sector

Redefining the CX in education sector

While the education sector has undergone surface-level evolution over the past generations, the core of the industry has been struggling to keep up with the latest technological advancements. While the fear of change and overhead costs continued to cripple the Ed-tech sector, Lawrence Levy, a seasoned innovator, decided to take up the role of improving upon traditional constituent relationship management CRM technologies in the Higher Ed sector. With this goal to revamp the experience in education, Levy founded Enrollment Rx in 2008, and “in those twelve years, we have developed and honed our suite of products to meet the complex needs of our many various institutions, all by delivering functionality that can ultimately be controlled by end-user administrators,” begins Levy, Founder, and President, Enrollment Rx.

As the new digital reality becomes a real-world force, institutions ought to streamline their processes by updating or upgrading their legacy and disparate tools. Enrollment Rx makes this daunting task possible through a software set that transforms Salesforce into a system for Recruitment, Admissions, and Decisions (RAD) in the education sector. However, all that seems appropriate at the first sight might prove otherwise on firsthand experience. One of the major value propositions that Enrollment Rx delivers to our clients can be summed up in a classic “build vs. buy” analysis. Owing to Salesforce’s customizable attribute, often institutions vouch for the tailorable solutions built on the Salesforce platform. However, the problem with the “build” approach is the system is static from the moment it is deployed. Enrollment Rx extensively leverages Salesforce’s infinite capabilities to deliver pre-built products that can be customized according to the school’s requirements and workflow. As Levy puts it, “While our clients choose to “buy” Enrollment Rx’s solution, we conscientiously do not impede on their ability to still “build” any functionality within their Salesforce environment that they wish, just as they could have always done.”

The product has been highly instrumental in aiding institutions with easy deployment of Salesforce’s CRM platform while future-proofing against any upcoming demand. Central Wyoming College (CWC) was on the lookout for technology to support its new recruitment strategy and improve the applicant experience. They were dependent on time-consuming and manual methods for adding students into the enrollment pipeline. Hence, automation stood out as the best option for better connecting with prospective students and providing immediate follow-up with students for improved applicant experience. All this while reducing cost and time-to-value. CWC implemented Enrollment Rx CRM and Enrollment Rx’s custom student online portal. CWC, using the solutions, started reaching students with personalized messages under a relevant communication plan. Parallelly, the dynamic application portal allowed CWC to create a self-driven and virtual experience for prospective students. As a result, CWC is now able to engage students sooner with tailored messaging and respond to their queries in a timely manner. As a natural byproduct of the implementation, they were also able to see information in real-time and identify where communication gaps existed.

Levy accredits their customer-first culture for all their successful client endeavors. It also allowed them to help their customers during the COVID-19 crisis at an unprecedented scale. Once COVID-19 hit, most of their proactive clients quickly shifted their previous in-person recruitment events to completely online. As a result, “they were able to utilize online event registration and seamless communications, in part because they had the tools at their disposal to quickly make those adaptations, “explains Levy. 

Looking at the future, Levy becomes hopeful about the further enhancements of their products. Enrollment Rx maintains a healthy product roadmap with regular product releases about 3 times per year. CRM is growing at a rapid pace in the EdTech sector with the adoption flourishing among institutions. The steadily increasing popularity of CRM within the education sector means new traction for the company. But with a new opportunity, also lurks new challenges which can become haunting. Levy concludes, “As schools seek to adopt CRM tools to improve recruitment and admissions performance and yield, Enrollment Rx looks forward to continuing doing what we do best; delivering the RAD solution to the education community.”