Unirisx, LLC, a global provider of SaaS-based, policy administration solutions for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance marketplace, is pleased to announce the latest release of the Unirisx Insurance Solution Suite provides Search Anywhere functionality, as well as improved capabilities to manage and track multi-currency transactions. 

Recognizing consumers’ comfort level with the functionality provided by a single search bar at the top of the user interface (UI) for commonly-used applications, a similar feature was introduced into the UI for the Unirisx Insurance Solution Suite via Search Anywhere.  The enhancement is a highly-scalable, open-source, full-text search and analytics engine. It allows users to process large volumes of data quickly, taking data from any source, searching, analyzing, and visualizing it in real time. 

“This is an important architecture building block for the Unirisx Insurance Solution Suite,” said Brad Schulz, CTO of Unirisx. “Not only does Search Anywhere accommodate the way users like to work, but it serves as the foundation for real-time dashboards which provide additional insights into data.  This enhancement significantly improves the user experience in terms of look, feel, and responsiveness for searching data throughout the Unirisx UI.” 

Additional enhancements immediately available to Unirisx insurer clients include capabilities for better managing and tracking multi-currency transactions.  Guided by user feedback from numerous multinational clients, Unirisx’s new functionality for handling multi-currency transactions includes the ability to:  

  • Show converted currency amounts for coverage and premium totals on the Summary and Policy History screens;
  • Show transactions in different currencies on billing and payments/credit control;
  • Accept or settle premiums in different currencies; and
  • Use the original currency for multi-currency risks where the report requires original currency. 

The Unirisx Insurance Solution Suite is a comprehensive policy administration system which enables insurers, agents and partners to quote and bind personal, commercial, specialty, workers’ compensation, and group benefits insurance business, quickly, efficiently, and with the benefit of enhanced communication between parties.