Zeality Introduces Immersive Media Engine - The Industry's first Immersive Media Platform for VR and 360 Content

Zeality Introduces Immersive M...

Zeality, the industry’s first Immersive Media platform to bridge the gap between VR content, social engagement, and commerce, has introduced a new virtual reality (VR), 360 Video platform, calle

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No Exit: When Augmented Reality Makes the World a Shopping Mall

No Exit: When Augmented Realit...

In John Carpenter’s B-movie classic, “They Live”, donning a pair of special glasses allowed humans to see the hidden programming in the media all around them. Messages from

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Jaunt Gives Partners the Power to Distribute Immersive VR, AR and MR Content with the Jaunt XR Platform

Jaunt Gives Partners the Power...

Jaunt Inc., the global partner of choice for producing and distributing immersive content, announces the Jaunt XR Platform, its state of the art white label distribution solution available to media co

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Analogix Introduces ANX7441 - First USB-C Re-timer for Next Generation Smartphones and VR Active Cables

Analogix Introduces ANX7441 - ...

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. announced the availability of its ANX7441, the first integrated re-timer for next generation smartphones, supporting high bandwidth DisplayPort™ 1.4 at 8.1

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