More Women in the Tech Industry Means Better Tech for All

More Women in the Tech Industr...

As technology becomes more widespread, more and more tech companies are beginning to recognize the importance of diversity within their organizations. Although women are still largely the minority whe

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The AI industry is booming - Make sure your technology is ahead of the competition

The AI industry is booming - M...

The artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) industries were set for growth even before the COVID-19 pandemic transpired. But with a global health crisis like that in our midst and an ev

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Accelerated Sales Performance with AI Guided Selling Insights

Accelerated Sales Performance ...

Business-to-Business (B2B) sales productivity rates have reduced to less than 33%, according to Accenture and CSO Insights. In addition, thirty to sixty percent of middle-tier sales professionals do n

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Conversing with chatbots—Artificial Intelligence research keeps it more human

Conversing with chatbots—Art...

The rapid advance of artificial intelligence (AI) begs a daunting question – will we ever achieve ‘human-like’ behavior in computational systems? Simon Fraser University's (SFU)

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What's the difference between AI and ML?

What's the difference between ...

Artificial or augmented intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become hot topics in tech, business, and our everyday lives. In fact, a Google News search for the term “AI” return

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Artificial intelligence makes insurance fairer for the community

Artificial intelligence makes ...

They've come to stay: Insurtechs challenge traditional insurers with digital, simple and flexible solutions and fast customer service. Smart technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine

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The 7 Best Examples Of Artificial Intelligence To Improve Personalization

The 7 Best Examples Of Artific...

Customers crave personalization. 73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that take their personal preferences into account. Investing in personalization is good for brands. Research from Mc

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10 Examples Of Predictive Customer Experience Outcomes Powered By AI

10 Examples Of Predictive Cust...

Data is everywhere. Companies today have access to more data about their customers and products than ever before. In some cases, it’s an almost overwhelming amount of information. In fact, most

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20 Examples Of Machine Learning Used In Customer Experience

20 Examples Of Machine Learnin...

A system that remembers customers’ preferences, can understand speech and text and that learns the more it’s used—that’s the magic of machine learning. Machine learning is used

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The 20 Best Examples Of Using Artificial Intelligence For Retail Experiences

The 20 Best Examples Of Using ...

The basic retail experience hasn’t changed much over the years: go into a store, look for the right product and make a purchase. Artificial intelligence has the potential to completely transf

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One of the fathers of AI is worried about its future

One of the fathers of AI is wo...

Yoshua Bengio wants to stop talk of an AI arms race and make the technology more accessible to the developing world. Yoshua Bengio is a grand master of modern artificial intelligence. Alongside

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Decision-Making For Businesses

How Artificial Intelligence Wi...

From The Terminator to Blade Runner, pop culture has always leaned towards a chilling depiction of artificial intelligence (AI) and our future with AI at the helm. Recent headlines about Facebook pani

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Story Of Artificial Intelligence

Story Of Artificial Intelligen...

The history of Artificial Intelligence is as fascinating as the future it promises. For many, AI is a recent phenomenon, rising with the rise of connected world. But research and speculation in AI hav

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Machine Learning/AI Solutions Face Hurdles in the Enterprise

Machine Learning/AI Solutions ...

While most everyone agrees that machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) demonstrate a lot of potential as smart analytic and presumptive tools within the enterprise, the technology still

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