The Impact of a Well-Defined Business Goal on Churn Model Persistency

The Impact of a Well-Defined B...

How do you achieve 98% accuracy on your churn model? That’s easy - predict that EVERYONE will never churn and...Tada! In a world where 2% of the population will churn in the coming period, by pr

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Empowering Everyone to See and Understand Big Data

Empowering Everyone to See and...

In 1999, the world produced about 1.5 exabytes of unique information (source: Peter Lyman and Hal R. Varian, UC Berkeley). More than a decade later, in 2011, there were 1.8 zettabytes of data. Fast fo

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Data Analytics Should Be Consumable as a Service

Data Analytics Should Be Consu...

Data analytics has established itself as the lifeblood of organizations. The sky literally seems the limit for a host of new applications, including predictive maintenance, fraud prevention, self-driv

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Why Technology Should Take a Backseat for Data Projects to Succeed

Why Technology Should Take a B...

Data-driven is a nice buzzword. We run around our organizations shouting that we need to be data-driven and try to wade through all our data to find the nuggets of gold we’ve been promised. We c

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The Growing Challenge of Data Democratization

The Growing Challenge of Data ...

In the US, we are enduring a decades-long debate about the present and future of our healthcare system. We have a lot of issues with current healthcare delivery, but one of the primary ones is the bot

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Next Generation Life Insurance for Next-Gen Customers

Next Generation Life Insurance...

The Current State The U.S. life insurance industry's average annual growth over the past 10 years has been less than 2% in nominal terms and negative in real terms. Meanwhil

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Demand Forecasting in Manufacturing using Big Data Technologies

Demand Forecasting in Manufact...

In the manufacturing World, demand forecasting is one of the most important foundations for accurate, timely, and effective production. It is no surprise then that in a recent survey more than 50% of

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An Expensive Big Data Cloud Mistake

An Expensive Big Data Cloud Mi...

The move to the cloud is continuing to accelerate. While there are many advantages to the cloud, it is necessary to exercise caution and mitigate the risks of the cloud while pursuing the advantages.

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Solve Your Big Data Problems with ScienceSoft

Solve Your Big Data Problems w...

According to IDS, a premier market intelligence provider, the global data volume that has grown up to 40 zettabytes in 2020 will reach 175 zettabytes by 2025! Is your business ready to benefit from an

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White Code Labs: Helping You Build Better Businesses

White Code Labs: Helping You B...

Data and Big Data Analytics will be one of the most important assets for organizations in the future. In order to find new revenue opportunities, optimize end-to-end customer experience, improve marke

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Trends in Big Data

Trends in Big Data

The last 10 years of “data management” has been very exciting indeed. We have seen giant leaps in technology related to processing power, storage, and data collection technologies. These l

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Commercial Cloud Strategy: A Supplement to Enable World- Class Research?

Commercial Cloud Strategy: A S...

With rapid advancements in technology, our ability to collate and interpret data has increased tremendously. Modern research, across all fields of study, requires analyses of the data points collected

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Data and analytics play increasingly vital roles in firms of all sizes

Data and analytics play increa...

Data and analytics play increasingly vital roles in firms of all sizes and in nearly every industry. But can mid-sized firms that aren’t built around data still compete on data and analytics? Th

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Experian DataLabs Pioneers Internal Analytics R&D

Experian DataLabs Pioneers Int...

Experian DataLabs eight years ago pioneered the idea of an analytics and AI R&D shop inside a bigger company. Here's how it started at that credit reporting and scoring giant and what it is do

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How Big Data Science and Analytics is the Lure for Businesses Today

How Big Data Science and Analy...

It’s high time to change the proverb ‘Survival of the fittest’ to ‘Survival of the smartest’. The exponentially growing global economy, fast-paced business world, and ult

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6 Machine Learning as a Service Tools for Data Analytics

6 Machine Learning as a Servic...

Machine-learning-as-a-service (MLaaS) tools for data analytics could increase the accuracy and efficiency of your research in the data science realm without requiring substantial upfront costs from on

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These 3 types of customer data platforms are not one and the same

These 3 types of customer data...

Gartner found that 89% of businesses are going to compete on the basis of customer experience in the coming years. This new reality has led to a recent surge in interest in customer data platforms (CD

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SAP's cloud analytics update offers insights in seconds, not months

SAP's cloud analytics update o...

With a refresh of its cloud analytics tools, SAP hopes to bring users new insights into their data more quickly and take some of the workload off the IT department. It’s not that the previous

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