Insurance Analytics

Insurance Analytics

Intense competition, shifting customer loyalties and a stringent regulatory environment are some of the primary imperatives facing insurers. Insurance companies are now under pressure to change their

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Rollout of its new Carrier Solution Suite

Rollout of its new Carrier Sol...

VCA Software Inc. announced the rollout of its new Carrier Solution Suite, better positioning insurers to contain losses while earning policyholder loyalty. With the VCA SaaS claims platform, insurers

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Avertium : Cyber Insurance Security Solutions

Avertium : Cyber Insurance Sec...

Adapt, Attack, Evolve. Avertium is the security partner that companies turn to for end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that attack the chaos of the cybersecurity landscape with context. By fusing to

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Atidot: Next Generation Life Insurance for Next-Gen Customers

Atidot: Next Generation Life I...

The Current State The U.S. life insurance industry's average annual growth over the past 10 years has been less than 2% in nominal terms and negative in real terms. Meanwhile, the average face

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AKUR8: Unlock the Potential of Insurance Pricing Analytics with ML

AKUR8: Unlock the Potential of...

Unlock the potential of pricing analytics within the P&C Insurance Industry using Machine Learning (ML) Introduction The insurance industry has recently seen tech-driven growth emerge in mor

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Keeping Compensation Claims Down

Keeping Compensation Claims Do...

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, we live in an era where workplace safety and health are given utmost importance. Companies, across the nation, have several different policies in place to protect and

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A measure of success: why parametric innovation is poised for greatness

A measure of success: why para...

Insurance in 2020 is a tough gig. Even before COVID-19 flipped the year on its head the market was hardening. Commercial insurance premiums rose for the tenth consecutive time in Q1 according to the g

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Ultimate Control Through Insurance Data

Ultimate Control Through Insur...

It’s the lifeblood of modern businesses – data. The insurance industry always has had volumes of data and with digital touchpoints this has only been increasing. However, the chronic opera

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Treating Leakages Before Budgets

Treating Leakages Before Budge...

They seem too trivial- but have been troubling the world for eternity. Water claims, especially, leaks incur a $16 billion payout every year. Domestic water leaks that lead to damage are usuallysmall

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Turning Your Data Chaos into Profit

Turning Your Data Chaos into P...

Data is the new oil. It opens up new opportunities for businesses to improve and grow. In this age of big data, spreadsheets and third-party applications overflow with data. Unfortunately, in its unre

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Expediting Claim Processing and Improving Customer Experience

Expediting Claim Processing an...

In the questions listed below, we are looking to acquire a deeper understanding of the role of Claimatic playing in solving a unique problem or adding value in InsurTech space. You are free to add any

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The Central Layer Of Control For E&S

The Central Layer Of Control F...

The traditional methods of handling insurance transactions are changing, and consumers are prioritizing different values than those which characterized the industry 20 years ago. Specifically, the dev

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The Digital Insurance Revolution Gathers Speed: A Year of Getsafe in the UK

The Digital Insurance Revoluti...

One year ago, Getsafe launched in the UK – marking the start of the company’s expansion into new markets. Despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic, Getsafe pushed on with it

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QBE North America: Leveraging Digital Transformation to Manage Customers’ Evolving Risks

QBE North America: Leveraging ...

As technological advances continue to accelerate and disrupt the status quo, companies and individuals must adapt ever more quickly to seize opportunities and manage emerging risks. Witness the change

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Quadrant : Your Premier Source of Insurance Data

Quadrant : Your Premier Source...

What started in 1991 with a vision of offering a retail point-of-sale (POS) system, donned the new semblance of a sizeable disruptor in the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance arena. In 1993,

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Parascript Automates Data Entry and Modernizes Document Processing

Parascript Automates Data Entr...

(This article is based on an interview with Alexander Filatov CEO & President, Parascript) Machine Learning (ML)—a subset of artificial intelligence—offers one of the most promising

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How CANbus Data Can Shape the Insurance Telematics Industry - from Need to Reality!

How CANbus Data Can Shape the ...

Technology development that we are seeing all over the world looks like in the future we will have a community-driven by robots or AI. In all industries, progress is coming using the technology and we

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Can Technology Help Tackle the Issue of Travel Insurance?

Can Technology Help Tackle the...

Insurance companies often face a multitude of challenges when developing new products and services for the needs and preferences of modern customers, while also working for them as businesses. In part

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Accelerate Your Business with Content Intelligence: Adlib

Accelerate Your Business with ...

Today, nearly 80% of enterprise content still remains unstructured, appearing in the form of emails, documents, research, legal contracts, voice recordings, video, social media, and more. Insurers

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Once a Disruptor, Always a Disruptor: Planium , the Trendsetter in Insurance Sector

Once a Disruptor, Always a Dis...

Brazil's health insurance sector started enjoying steady growth in the wake of the 1950s when public companies started using their resources to finance health care. After 38 years, in 1988, the Na

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Shining a Light of Easiness onto the InsurTech Work Comp Arena

Shining a Light of Easiness on...

In Greeley, Colorado, JBS USA's slaughterhouse was one of the most pre-eminent epicenters of the earliest and deadliest coronavirus outbreaks. As early as April, the contagion was so fatal that it

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Start-ups and insurers - has collaboration worked during lockdown?

Start-ups and insurers - has c...

Collaboration is key. It is undeniable that a start-up can bring new and intuitive ways of thinking to an established insurer – but an insurer’s influence over a start-up is just as signif

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Insurers, Insurtechs and Covid-19: immediate and long-term challenges and opportunities arising from the crisis

Insurers, Insurtechs and Covid...

As the Covid-19 crisis continues to have a significant impact on individuals, society, business, and the wider economy across the globe, insurers are also being impacted across all sectors of their in

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Why every insurance business can be an insurtech

Why every insurance business c...

Digital transformation means different things to different insurance businesses.  It’s not purely about saving money, driving efficiencies by replacing outdated back-office technology, or i

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A new era for pandemic insurance?

A new era for pandemic insuran...

With every threat, a new opportunity arises. The ferocity and quick-wittedness of the Covid-19 pandemic have seen a dramatic shift in the status quo for insurers, with another catastrophic event to ad

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German neo-insurer Getsafe takes positive stock after UK launch

German neo-insurer Getsafe tak...

European neo-insurer Getsafe is on a mission to make insurance more relevant to people today. Having partnered up with Quotezone, the company is bringing insurance via a smartphone app to the UK. 

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Insurtech Partnerships: How Collaboration Promotes Innovation

Insurtech Partnerships: How Co...

Coronavirus has created an enforced modernization of the insurance industry, with companies left with no option but to allow their staff to work from home, meaning they have required immediate solutio

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What Effect Do Pandemics Have On Stress Tests & Operational Resilience?

What Effect Do Pandemics Have ...

It is interesting with the world’s current focus on the virus pandemic how it has happened at a point when regulators worldwide are collaborating together on regulatory structures and operationa

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State of InsurTech - Doubling down on Frictionless Digital Insurance

State of InsurTech - Doubling ...

The pandemic had a huge impact on the global economy. The International Monetary Fund states that the global economy will shrink by 3% which is the worst decline since the Great Depression in the 1930

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Getsafe launches digital accident insurance – First step towards life insurance

Getsafe launches digital accid...

As of today, Getsafe offers its customers a digital accident insurance product. This marks an important step for the company towards life insurance and shows that even personal, complex insurance prod

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Connected Insurance Report: Industry Weighs in on Future of Technology in Insurance

Connected Insurance Report: In...

To some, it is magic. To insurance, it is reality. The ability to accurately discern the past and predict the future based on nothing but data points and the long-lived experience of actuaries and adj

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Setting Off or Sleeping In: The Insurance Industry at a Digital Crossroads

Setting Off or Sleeping In: Th...

Experts agree that the future of insurance is digital. Today s customers are used to receiving services, goods and information anytime and anywhere at the touch of a fingertip - and expect the sa

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Every two minutes a bicycle is stolen in Germany

Every two minutes a bicycle is...

Dear insurance friends, Every two minutes a bicycle is stolen in Germany - and these are only the cases reported to the police. The number of unreported cases is estimated to be significantly highe

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Crawford & Company - Restoring and enhancing lives, businesses and communities

Crawford & Company - Restoring...

For over 75 years, Crawford® has solved the world’s claims handling challenges and helped businesses keep their focus where it belongs – on people. As the world’s largest publ

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Kakau: Transforming the Way People Consider, Engage, and Consume Insurance

Kakau: Transforming the Way Pe...

The rise of ‘digital-first’ business models has led to the rapid growth of insurtechs, which is largely changing the global insurance landscape. Driven by digitization, ground-breaking tec

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JAUNTIN: Empowering the Insurance Industry to Evolve and Be Future Ready

JAUNTIN: Empowering the Insura...

Emerging trends in insurance are a direct result of progress on the business and technology front. These trends in innovation are currently setting the industry on fire. Not only is the insurance land

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Argo Group: Powering Businesses with Unparalleled Expertise, An Innovative Culture and the Highest Standards of Efficiency

Argo Group: Powering Businesse...

The global insurance industry is in the midst of a ground-breaking course that will redefine businesses. A digital transformation is currently sweeping the landscape, and this revolution is unveiling

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Intellect SEEC: Revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning To Improve Commercial Insurance Underwriting Performance

Intellect SEEC: Revolutionizin...

Intellect SEEC is an established, listed company with the heart and soul of a startup. With three decades of experience, Intellect SEEC is a prime example of a firm that is on a path to transforming t

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Getsafe Takes On Competition With Digital Contents Insurance

Getsafe Takes On Competition W...

After 60,000 liability policies sold, the Heidelberg-based startup Getsafe is launching a home  contents insurance. This addition completes the company's strategy to cater specifically to ins

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Artificial intelligence makes insurance fairer for the community

Artificial intelligence makes ...

They've come to stay: Insurtechs challenge traditional insurers with digital, simple and flexible solutions and fast customer service. Smart technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine

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Gazing through the crystal ball - what might the future look like for General Insurance?

Gazing through the crystal bal...

There has been a lot of debate around the changes we may see within the industry given the advent of InsurTech, and whether that process will be evolutionary or revolutionary. One thing is for certain

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API's Will Be The Adviser's Products Of Tomorrow

API's Will Be The Adviser's Pr...

One recurrent thought I have on my travels around UK Financial Services and especially at many industry conferences on Open Banking is “Will API’s become the new advice products of tomorro

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Will B2B2C outplay B2C in the insurance world?

Will B2B2C outplay B2C in the ...

We are living in a digital world which has changed major parts in our day-to-day and business life fundamentally. Journeys are getting shorter, decisions are taken faster and the way of buying and sel

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Sam White on the critical importance of diversity in the workplace.

Sam White on the critical impo...

Could a Diverse Workforce Win You More Customers? For me clarity in any situation can only come with full insight, and full insight can only come from viewing things from every feasible angle.

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Harnessing power of data in digital transformation of insurance

Harnessing power of data in di...

The insurance industry is a major component of the economy. It enables the individuals and companies to take more risk, which further empowers innovation and growth. The fuel of the insurance is data.

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Early Research Suggest Significant Returns for Blockchain Adoption in Insurance

Early Research Suggest Signifi...

It’s no surprise that insurance carriers, brokers and reinsurers are inspecting a variety of digital technologies, including blockchain and distributed ledger technology. A sizable portion of th

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InsurTech is shaking up the once sleepy world of insurance

InsurTech is shaking up the on...

The insurance industry is facing a period of sustained transformation, that we believe will create a trillion dollar value shift. Start-up ‘disrupters’ will capture some of that value but

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Are insurers ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Are insurers ready for Artific...

A perspective on the surprising reality Think of artificial intelligence (AI) and you’ll think of factories of robots doing manufacturing jobs. You may think of logistics and evoke imagery of

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The Future of Handling Claims with Blockchain

The Future of Handling Claims ...

  “Bitcoin” is now a household name thanks to wildly high values and even wilder fluctuations. The ability to make or lose thousands in a matter of minutes is exhilarating to say t

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Unirisx, LLC, a global provider of SaaS-based, policy administration solutions for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance marketplace, is pleased to announce the latest release of the Unirisx I

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Zipari Launches Mobile App to Enhance Customer Experience with Health Insurers

Zipari Launches Mobile App to ...

Insurance software startup Zipari today announced the launch of its member Mobile App. Health insurance carriers will benefit from features that aid health plans in driving member reten

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Game-Changing Life Insurance Tech Platform Creator InforcePRO

Game-Changing Life Insurance T...

InforcePRO is celebrating the one year anniversary since launching its game-changing life insurance technology platform in the U.S. by announcing three major milestones that were accomplished over the

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Praedicat Releases ChemMeta, Science-Based Business Intelligence Software for Product Stewardship

Praedicat Releases ChemMeta, S...

July 24, 2018, Los Angeles, CA. Praedicat, a science-based risk analytics firm and the principal source of chemical risk information for the insurance industry, has announced the release of its new pr

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The first-of-its-kind drone insurance platform, offering 24/7 ground and usage-based flight coverage solutions for drones, sensors and essential flight equipment, is underwritten through Liberty Speci

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