Looking at the crystal ball - what could the future landscape of General Insurance look like?

Looking at the crystal ball - ...

There has been a lot of debate around the changes we may see within the industry given the advent of InsurTech, and whether that process will be evolutionary or revolutionary. One thing is for certain

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API's Will Be The Adviser's Products Of Tomorrow

API's Will Be The Adviser's Pr...

One recurrent thought I have on my travels around UK Financial Services and especially at many industry conferences on Open Banking is “Will API’s become the new advice products of tomorro

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Will B2B2C outplay B2C in the insurance world?

Will B2B2C outplay B2C in the ...

We are living in a digital world which has changed major parts in our day-to-day and business life fundamentally. Journeys are getting shorter, decisions are taken faster and the way of buying and sel

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Sam White on the critical importance of diversity in the workplace.

Sam White on the critical impo...

Could a Diverse Workforce Win You More Customers? For me clarity in any situation can only come with full insight, and full insight can only come from viewing things from every feasible angle.

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Harnessing power of data in digital transformation of insurance

Harnessing power of data in di...

The insurance industry is a major component of the economy. It enables the individuals and companies to take more risk, which further empowers innovation and growth. The fuel of the insurance is data.

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Early Research Suggest Significant Returns for Blockchain Adoption in Insurance

Early Research Suggest Signifi...

It’s no surprise that insurance carriers, brokers and reinsurers are inspecting a variety of digital technologies, including blockchain and distributed ledger technology. A sizable portion of th

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InsurTech is shaking up the once sleepy world of insurance

InsurTech is shaking up the on...

The insurance industry is facing a period of sustained transformation, that we believe will create a trillion dollar value shift. Start-up ‘disrupters’ will capture some of that value but

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Are insurers ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Are insurers ready for Artific...

A perspective on the surprising reality Think of artificial intelligence (AI) and you’ll think of factories of robots doing manufacturing jobs. You may think of logistics and evoke imagery of

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The Future of Handling Claims with Blockchain

The Future of Handling Claims ...

  “Bitcoin” is now a household name thanks to wildly high values and even wilder fluctuations. The ability to make or lose thousands in a matter of minutes is exhilarating to say t

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Unirisx, LLC, a global provider of SaaS-based, policy administration solutions for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance marketplace, is pleased to announce the latest release of the Unirisx I

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Zipari Launches Mobile App to Enhance Customer Experience with Health Insurers

Zipari Launches Mobile App to ...

Insurance software startup Zipari today announced the launch of its member Mobile App. Health insurance carriers will benefit from features that aid health plans in driving member reten

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Game-Changing Life Insurance Tech Platform Creator InforcePRO

Game-Changing Life Insurance T...

InforcePRO is celebrating the one year anniversary since launching its game-changing life insurance technology platform in the U.S. by announcing three major milestones that were accomplished over the

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Praedicat Releases ChemMeta, Science-Based Business Intelligence Software for Product Stewardship

Praedicat Releases ChemMeta, S...

July 24, 2018, Los Angeles, CA. Praedicat, a science-based risk analytics firm and the principal source of chemical risk information for the insurance industry, has announced the release of its new pr

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The first-of-its-kind drone insurance platform, offering 24/7 ground and usage-based flight coverage solutions for drones, sensors and essential flight equipment, is underwritten through Liberty Speci

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